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– Ressources pour les dictionnaires (anglais). An enormous amount of European institutions, publishers, universities and communities have been developing dictionaries and/or dictionary data. Although confronted with similar problems related to producing and making these resources available, cooperation on a larger European scale has long been limited. ELEXIS aims to harmonize these efforts an develop tools which can be used by everyone. :

– Site sur les systèmes lexicaux :

WIPO Pearl – WIPO’s Multilingual Terminology Portal. WIPO Pearl gives access to scientific and technical terms derived from patent documents. It helps promote accurate and consistent use of terms across different languages, and makes it easier to search and share scientific and technical knowledge

Disease Ontology : has been developed as a standardized ontology for human disease with the purpose of providing the biomedical community with consistent, reusable and sustainable descriptions of human disease terms, phenotype characteristics and related medical vocabulary disease concepts through collaborative efforts of biomedical researchers, coordinated by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Institute for Genome Sciences.The Disease Ontology semantically integrates disease and medical vocabularies through extensive cross mapping of DO terms to MeSH, ICD, NCI’s thesaurus, SNOMED and OMIM.


– Spiderlex est un instrument de navigation mis au point pour permettre une exploration dynamique de deux Systèmes Lexicaux développés à l’ATILF : le Réseau Lexical du Français (RL-fr) et le Réseau Lexical de l’Anglais (RL-en).